I believe that.

you said i could use my power to change our lives for the better…
and that’s exactly what i’m doing.



courfeyrac: can determine exactly where you’re going, what you’re going to do, and how much success you’ll have in doing it simply from the outfit you’re wearing at the moment; can also deliver precise and merciless criticism on said outfit in the same breath

"i have just met marius’ new hat and new coat, with marius inside them. he was going to pass an examination, no doubt. he looked utterly stupid." — courfeyrac, volume iii, book 6

Chris Evans TIFF Before We Go Q&A


sebastian stan on set // the winter soldier on screen

"Your communication was certainly thorough."


Sebastian Stan + (obscenely) low v-necks

Hannah and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

woke up for work feeling like i’m definitely getting sick :(


-You’re my friend.
-You’re my mission.

maverick did really well at his first obedience class tonight except he had a meltdown half an hour in because he gets bored REALLY easily and did not like waiting for instruction


Koa in the forest

i don’t even want to talk about how much i spent on a bag of dog food tonight


If it WERE one Universe.. I learned 2 things about US History this summer.

1. Bucky Barnes shot JFK

2. Magneto took the fall